Walk Down Memory Lane

by HESH feat. DJ STUDIO 17

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Official video for "Grace, I Know It's Late In The Game": www.youtube.com/watch?v=au3bQnATwwo


released March 15, 2013

Recorded and produced by Edgar M. Roethig at Helicopter Studio Dresden in Fall 2010.

Additional musicians: DJ Studio 17- turntables / Matthias Macht - drums / Pete Welchman - bass / White Chocolate - background vocals / Big Al - organ & mandoline / Sue & Mr. Welchman again: translations.

Photo by Susann Buerger | www.susannbuerger.com

Cover artwork by Fran & Hesh | Hobo Hill Productions.



all rights reserved


Heiko HESH Schramm Germany

Heiko HESH Schramm, former bassist of American blues singer & guitarist Chris Whitley's band, is now venturing on solo roads with his blend of lo-fi Americana tunes and edgy stories on the rare beauty of sideman life.

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Track Name: To Belong

He came back
to his boys
after a holiday
a week on Hawaii
he was one of Them
he was one of Them again

He would talk
of long and lonely nights spent
in the hotel
couldn’t get her on the phone
Cold white lights
black tattoos shine from white skin
no-one could breathe that air
who wasn’t one of Them

One for all
in the dark blue sea
One for all
in the darkness of a submarine

They would sweat
to feed the black machine
they were pawns
their king so far away
His will always fulfilled
but he wasn’t
wasn’t one of Them

One for all
in the dark blue sea
One for all
in the darkness of a submarine

Four-hour shifts
on duty and on bunk beds
playing cards
peeling tatties by the ton
one shows a picture of his wife
but does she belong here?
Who doesn’t
belong here?
Track Name: A Cornbloom In Grandma's Mind

I’m a satellite
from the moment
my Grandma died

My heart
always using another babe
to give her Grandma’s name

But Greyhound stations
always not a home

I’m just a cornbloom in my Grandma’s mind

Wrong definitions
for all I think
I believe in

If I need love
to breathe
she wouldn’t come

So much fear of living
a total live
buying the same jacket twice
for poor times

I’m just a cornbloom in my Grandma’s mind

I heard from some one
what love is
it’s where all the egos
have gone

it’s time now for a change

to like
just going with myself

To give my babe
her own name
she doesn’t have to be

A cornbloom in my Grandma’s mind
Track Name: Astonished

It left me
to see the dusty clumps of grass
on the way
to JFK
into the big city

Looks like
on the highway
somewhere in Germany near Berlin
Track Name: Grace, I Know It's Late In The Game

Babe I know it’s late
late in the game
let’s learn to live in silence
let’s send our words away
Our eyes will do the talking
our tongues no longer wag
we’ll see straight through our issues
we’ll get things back on track

We lie in bed at night
no dogs bark or birds sing
get woken by a feeling
we both have heard something
We start up from the mattress
to check on our lady
but she has not been crying
the clock strikes half-past three

Babe I know it’s late
late in the game
let’s learn to find the sounds
that keep both of us sane
The song that fills our souls
makes our bodies ignite
when they touch each other
in the room with the two red lights

Go out tonight hun
so I can miss you and feel alone
go out and leave me to stew
Leave me alone to find myself
to love you like no-one else
so I’m here when you return

Grace I know it’s late
late in the game
let’s learn to dance together
keep dancing night and day
If you’ve got a problem
`cause it’s always men who lead
I’m game for role reversal
and you can lead for me
Track Name: No Empathy Club

All the old blue-blooded ladies
pointing their thin bony fingers at you

Ladder climbers
striving for fame and fortune
with elbows outstretched

The self-proclaimed songwriters
who’ll criticise anything just to find a line

The Wall Street slicks
dressed up to the nines
who mock the guy selling homeless newspapers

All the guys who hate their jobs
their wives
or both

Anyone with no job
who hasn’t tasted a woman in four years

And all the other trash
that doesn’t know any better

It’s a club, buddy
Its men are all around you
and they’ll never let you run

All the vomit
the blood
the sperm
the chewing gum and shards of glass
that decorate the asphalt

No-one spares a second thought
for cleaning up these streets -
or keeping them clean

All of this plastic shit
tells the story
of what was
and what is

But don’t let this be the future

It’s a club, buddy
Its men are all around you
and they’ll never let you run
Track Name: Put Your Shoes On

Put your shoes on
stranger boy
being out here on the highway with naked feet
is not a good idea
it’s a tell-tale sign
and it’ll get you arrested

You say you come from Mexico
I could have guessed
and anyway
there’s already one guy
with a broken heart
wandering ‘round
outside of Austin Texas

Put your shoes on
though it won’t change the dirt on your clothes
and the stillness of your spirit
I think to myself how
this place is
for our hopes and salvation
though they are different we have this grey strip
of concrete in common
two miles from the nearest Seven-Eleven

Put your shoes on
startled animal kid
you stare vacantly at my sharkskin suit
and I realize
that you have a reason to be here

I wouldn’t survive your poverty for a day
and you wouldn’t want my sick brain

Put your shoes on
my proud little friend
that you will never be
come with me into the city
put these five bucks in your pocket for a phone-call
to the number
on that forlorn piece of paper and some food

I hope the people
you are trying to get to exist
your Lady of Guadalupe
will protect you

Back on my own
I begin to feel ashamed
of my heroism
and it’s a welcome break
from my daydreams of Rose.
Track Name: No Answer Under 666

In the honeybee state
of collective understanding
all communication belongs
to one company

Everyone is being reduced
to a multiple-choice identity

The wisdom of the many
the meta-brain of the human race
is mashing everything
into a global sludge
of information

Cyber-bullying waits and hunts us all
no deed is ever forgotten
the net will forget nothing

The world is becoming abstract
money is withdrawn
but nothing is created

the devilish hub of our civilisation
is reversing the course
of cultural development

Never before
has the restless crowd of evil
with so much vigour
through the network

A pack
like dogs
driven by the base instinct of denunciation
by the lords of the digital clouds
by Google
and the silent hedge funds

The world is following you
on your hellish trip
well prepared
world war three

picks up the phone
when you dial
Track Name: Goin' Slow

All the women I know
are so busy looking left and right
are still so impatient
When will they glimpse the sunbeams?
when will they feel the ground
beneath their pretty pretty legs?

All the men I know
dream of finding just rest
if they aren’t busy chasing the tassels
When will they take time for themselves
to sense the nature
and root where they come from?

All I know of myself
my system driven through streets
are there people who’re
going slow
when will I stop to meet them?

The ones who are
going slow
they are the people
who should have the babies
maybe then the world
might be a place
might be a place to marvel again
Track Name: The Walker

If the sky is too cloudy
for you
you better start to like it Lou
cause it might be like that
for a while

Shadow-breathing hall
of faded power
modern rats have no
respect for

When the black swan
strikes me
I know it’ll be a day
free of pain

Bodies stand on corners
quiet and motionless
as if they are waiting for a miracle

I’m a walker
I’m a walker
I’m the walker

Day walk
Night talk
Cutty Sark

Meet a girl
trouble with Earl

Learning lessons

To get this job
to get it done

To leave this town
to meet Mrs. Brown

like a man
without any plan

I’m a talker
I’m a talker
I’m not just a walker
Track Name: In The Valley Of Tenderness

It might look like
I left before you did

But really neither of us
was there too often
when we felt good
The light of the seeing
in the beginning
over and over again
all that held us

It might look like
I left before you did

You’ve asked right away
with whom I share my sleep now
but really

The time with you
reminded me again
how deep my sleep can be
when I’m alone

It might look like
I left before you did

And we both would have lost each other
but hun
we’ve never known each other

All these questions
in the reflecting retina of the other one
‘bout who we are

It might look like
I left before you did

But I just didn’t want to learn the lesson
to live this game deliberately
to never ward off my lady
in the moment of offence

Only in the Valley of Tenderness
when the cat is purring
Would I have gotten
something out of it
Track Name: Old American Hotel

The only way
to smell those stairwells again
back in those
old American hotels
is to write
write this down

The only way
to tread Moriarty dust
and hear the
eighteen-wheelers rush
is to hum
hum this tune

The only way
to please my prostate
to ease my aching bones
is to take this
to the stage

The only way
to get by without you -
for now at least -
is to sing
sing this song
Track Name: The Odd Man Out

I saw you playing
your back to the crowd
wanted you to be my man
you know just what I mean
Many years later
I see you alone on the stage
I stand here in the audience with people half my age

It’s just like a photo
I still see your silhouette
the way you walked up to me in the street
I cannot forget
Many years later
I think I see you again
you still walk the way
you used to walk back then

The photo shows
just how things were
but I prefer things the way
I remember them
Seeing you today
is like visiting a memory
but feeling like
the Odd Man Out

Next to you on the stage
united in sound
mummy’s boys or millionaires on the drums behind
Many years later
I’ve got some time on my hands
I think back to electric times
I really miss them man

for a long time
it seemed our paths were one
I talked the hind legs off a donkey
the cat had got your tongue
Many Years later
I’ve come to realize
I made you responsible
for not being the man
I saw with my eyes

The photo shows
just how things were
but I prefer things
the way I remember them
Seeing you today
is like visiting a memory
but feeling like
the Odd Man Out
Track Name: The Best Marksman

Not Cook nor Peary
but a guy with a strange name
became the first man to reach the North Pole
sometime in 1968

It wasn’t Shakespeare who penned all those plays
but the bluest of blue-blooded boys
at the court of Queen Elizabeth

How much of the shit
churned out by the press
under names that flash like neon
really smell like the truth?

If you're not angry
If it doesn’t touch you deep inside
If you don’t at least
try to make sense of all of this
Don’t waste my time -
and stop talking
Don’t waste my time -
and stop talking

Which camera team
has ever stopped to count the dead
after the lava of war has cooled
and the guns have gone silent -
or the war has become normality?

Are the terrorist’s former lawyers
onto a good thing
with their articles in that German magazine?
Can they claim to be whiter than white
simply because they avoid the loud blood
but still use caustic words on the few clean spots
on the button-down of democracy?

If you’re not angry
If it doesn’t touch you deep inside
If you’re so fucking sure
Don’t waste my time -
and stop talking
Don’t waste my time -
and stop talking

And maybe
Lee Harvey Oswald
really was the best marksman
the world had ever seen